360 degree Video

Check this out, it’s a 360 degree panorama (like Google street view) that uses Video instead of still images. It’s made by a dutch company called YellowBird who also has the longest web address I’ve ever come accross www.yellowbirdsdonthavewingsbuttheyflyto
makeyouexperiencea3dreality.com If you want to have a look at the show reel click here (unfortunately I couldn’t embed it in this page so you just get the picture on the right instead). Personally I think as cool as this technology is, as a viz tool it’s not as effective as a traditional panoramas as you don’t have much time to explore each shot, I suppose you could pause the video at any point but then effectively your just exploring a still image again. I can see that it would be awesome for live events or webcams where you don’t have the opportunity to edit your footage, however that would require some serious bandwidth. Hmm, maybe a music video would be cool though… Cheers Ethan for sending through the link.

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