360º Photography

I’ve had a long time fascination with 360º photography. Around the turn of the millennium I was experimenting with 360º panoramas or QTVR’s (QuickTime Virtual Reality) both digitally rendered and by taking multiple images on a SLR and ‘stiching’ them together. In fact if you where in my CAD classes …

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Update and Tech Rant

Curing Resign 3D Print

Hello blogosphere, its been a while. I’ve got some time to myself so I figured i’d dust the cobwebs off this old blog. In fact I’m going to have a crack at posting here on a regular basis [shock horror] even tho blogs have pretty much drowned in a sea …

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101 flags that are better.

So New Zealand has decided on an alternative flag, but its a shocker. How did we end up here? Well it all started off pretty good, a panel of 12 New Zealanders from “all walks of life, age and experience” where put together by various politicians and tasked with managing the flag referendum …

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