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Zane EggintonI’ve always had a love for anything visual especially when it comes to the technology behind it. My love for technology lead to a science degree however I’ve always maintained my passion for the visual including film and television production. While studying for my degree I was exploring 3D graphics which at the time was in its infancy and ultimately lead to a job at Unitec teaching digital visualisation.

Unitec has given me a great opportunity to learn a plethora of software and visual techniques including 3D modelling, matte painting, rendering, compositing, editing, colour grading, lighting, and audio production, just to name a few. I’ve also built up and maintain a large amount of equipent needed for video production which I use in my classes and research projects. The students of my level 7 paper ‘FilmCAD’ each produce a short film where they get a crash course in film theory and are then required to script, storyboard, shoot, edit, as well as create 3D content for a 2-5 min short film. Most of these students enter the paper with no previous knowledge of film theory or movie making and many of whom produce some surprisingly good content. I’ve been teaching this paper since 1999 and have been the course coordinator since 2002 in that time the paper has produced well over 100 short films (see YouTube for examples ).

I’ve been involved in many visualisation projects including the Queens wharf design competition, Auckland city councils vision for the Wynard Quarter, and the governments proposal of a stadium on the water front, which I composited, edited, and recorded the audio for. For the last 4 years myself and two friends (Richard Thomas and Duncan Eastwood) have set up a small film studio in west Auckland (Sunset Studios). In the setting up of the studio I’ve done everything from designing the overall layout and sourcing of materials to accounting and marketing the business. Working with the many directors and crews on a regular basis has been a great learning experience. I often source equipment, give advice on the setup of equipment and describe techniques to get the look they are after. I’ve also been involved in many short films and music videos doing a variety of roles.

I have a Science Degree from Waikato University and have been lecturing for 12 years in the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (and occasionally Architecture) in the fields of Geology, CAD, 3D visualisation and animation. In recent years I’ve obtained funding for research projects for 3d modelling of the Auckland isthmus, digitizing the complex form and Hollywood visual effects techniques. In the past I’ve been a Radio DJ, computer programmer, freelance camera operator, award winning 3D environmental artist, photographer, scientist, + more.


2004 – Welcome to the Major League (Short Film) Editor, Music

2005 – Unmates (Short Film) – Producer, Camera, Editor

2006 – Nonsense (Play) – Audio effects/mixing

2006 – All’s Fair in Love and War is Hell (Short Film) – Producer, VFX, Grading, Editor

2006 – Stadium New Zealand (Visualisation) – Compositing, Grading, Editing, Music

2007 – How Jesus Got His Groove Back (Short Film) – Graphics

2007 – 1st Round, DHR (Music Video) – VFX, Colour Grading

2008 – Unsolved Mysteries of The Unexplained (Short Film) – Producer, Audio, Music

2009 – Morphing Wellington Terrain (Animation for Exhibition) – 3D modelling and Animation

2009 – Crowd goes wild (Promo) – DoP

2009 – Trash to Fashion Awards (Live Event) – Camera operator

2009 – Sleepwalkers, 8 Foot Sativa (Music Video) – Colour Grading, Additional Photography, VFX

2010 – Murray Field pilot (Comedy) – Additional Photography

2011 – Last Flight (Short Film) VFX Supervisor, Colour Grading, DoP/Camera Operator (additional photography & studio).

2011 – Rugby World Cup Opening Concept art, 3D terrain modelling

2012 – It’s Party Time with Richard O’Brien (Live Event) Camera Operator

2012 – Canterbury University ‘What If’ (Commercial) 3D terrain modelling & Pre-visualisation

2013 – Hip to be scared (Short Film) – Colour Grading

2013 – Promise of Faith (Music Video) – DoP, Grading

2014 – Jump Jam 16 (Children’s aerobic series) – All Production & Post production. Incl. DoP, VFX, 3D Modelling/rendering, Compositing, Editing, and colour grade.

2015 – Phoenix Audio (Promotional video) – All production & post production incl. Lighting, Camera, Directing, editing, graphics and colour grade.

Research Outputs

Egginton, Z. (2009), Digital Visualisations of the Auckland Isthmus, Cumulus Aotearoa Conference,
Auckland, New Zealand.

Bogunovich, D., Popov, N., Williamson, P., and Egginton, Z. (2009). The Eco-Design Showcase. Queens Wharf Competition Entry.

Egginton, Z., Popov, N., and Orams, B.
(2010), Digitising the Complex Form,
ANZASCA 44th Conference of the Australia and NZ Architectural Science Association,
Auckland, New Zealand

Egginton, Z., and Hynson, Y. (2011), Screencasts in Unitec departments, Moodle Moot Conference,
Auckland New Zealand.

Egginton, Z., and Hynson, Y., (2011), Screencasting for you. International Conference on eLearning Futures, Auckland, New Zealand

Egginton, Z., Bardebes, W. (2012), Shifiting Perspectives, Art Exhibition, Snow White Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.

Egginton, Z., (2012), Hollywood Landscapes, Digital Landscape Architecture Conference, Bernburg & Dessau, Germany.

Egginton, Z., et al. (2013), 3D Lenticular Images, Art Exhibition, Snow White Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand


2006 – ‘Product of coexistance’, Finalist Coexistence Art Competition, Hart of the City, Auckland New Zealand

2006 – All’s Fair in Love and War is Hell, Auckland Finalist, 48 hour Film Comp.

2010 – Untitled Beach. Cornucopia3d ‘Beach and Seaside’ 3D rendering competition, Winner (1st Place), http://bit.ly/OmRLGr

2010 – Untitled Beach, Picture of the day @ eon-softwares website, http://bit.ly/MRaUVp

2011 – Proposed Landfill (two images), Cornucopia3d ‘Cream of the crop’ collection

2011 – Under the Ice, Cornucopia3D ‘Deep Blue Seas’ Picture Contest, Winner (1st Place).

2011 – Faculty staff award: Innovation in Teaching and Learning. Unitec, NZ.


2007 – Visualisation of the Wynyard Quarter, Auckland City Council.

2010 – Invited guest speaker at Creative tech conference, Auckland.

2011 – New Zealand Cinematography Society, Associate Member.

2011 – 3D Scanner field trial for ESR’s Auckland Forensic Service Centre.

2012 – 3D Modelling and visualisation, Skyline Garages

2013 – 3D Modelling and visualisation, Northland Mussle Farm.

2013 – 3D Modelling and visualisation, Paihia Waterfront.

If your looking for a freelancer please contact me on +64 21 535875 or email zane (at) sunsetstudios . co . nz

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  1. Hello there,

    I am making a minute long animation flying over a stylized New Zealand, and am looking for somebody to help us using Vue. Are you available for freelance work?

    regards, Jon

  2. Hi Zane, would be grateful if you could make contact. A mutual friend has recommended you to help us with some advice on architectural 3D work. Thanks

  3. Hi Zane.

    We are on the look-out for someone to do some archviz work for a client. Can you please contact if interested – I can fill in the details.


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