Last Flight Trailer Released

Well here it is, the official trailer for last flight, put together by Richard Thomas (also from Sunset Studios). Incase your wondering why it’s here, I shot some of it (mostly in the studio) including the first wide you see in the trailer, the low angle where she climbs up (shot on location) and the final shots after that. I also graded the whole thing, (see previous post). It’s currently being entered in short film festivals around the world and once it’s finished the circuit should end up on a browser near you. For more info see the Lastflight blog.


  1. hey zed, this is juan the mp supervisor of halo faith 🙂
    great work so far, u can also checkout my blog.



  2. I remember seeing this clip before and liking it. Seeing it again now, I like it even more. Looks believable.

  3. Just watched it again myself. It’s been a couple months since I worked on that (finished the grade in feb) and its interesting watching it with (relatively) fresh eyes. I always find it difficult to watch something I’ve just finished as all I see is that bits that where a problem, I see every little fix and workaround, to much contrast or not enough? Is that specular highlight too strong? etc. Looks like it’l be showing at the New Zealand International Film Festival, thats the first reply from any of the festivals so far (I believe).

    • I like that the footage doesn’t look like all the others that use a colored filter over the lens to make an instant alien world. And it looks like a scene from a theater movie and not from a TV movie. It had scale to it. And dust. Dust/grit gives it a feel.

  4. Ha, funnily enough when I agreed to do the grade I was thinking it would be simple, just nock out all the color get the luma matching and put a red hue of it all. However it quickly became one of the most difficult and time consuming projects I’ve done (to date). I wrote a bit about it here;
    The grit and dust was shot in the studio and comped in, some was bought. Some of the smoke is practical some is Vue. However I cant claim credit for the blockyness, thats pure mpeg compression 🙂
    I wonder if in the future film makers will try and get that old digitally compressed look like we currently try to get that old film look.

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