19 hours of ArchiCAD Tutorials

These are (mostly) live screen recordings of lectures and tutorial for the class; LAND 6230 – CAD Studio. This course is was part of the bachelor of landscape architecture at Unitec (New Zealand) however due to ArchiCAD having little development of its landscaping tools and a shift away from it in the landscape industry it will no longer be taught in the programme.
[direct link to youtube]

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New site is up!

Hooray,  I’ve finally got around to moving my blog over to my web server, I’ve had this domain for quite some time but theres always something more important to do (read: plumbers house). You’ll probably see this site change  a few times over the next couple of weeks while I …

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Fear, Anger, Pain

Sunset Studios (Namely; Duncan Eastwood, Richard Thomas, & Myself) have an entry for the Make My Horror Movie contest called Fear, Anger, Pain which is set 1855, New Zealand. Deep in the Coromandel forest three Pakeha gold prospectors and their Maori guide, Kepa, are attacked by an unseen force. While fleeing they take refuge with …

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Word to InDesign Tutorial

Want to work with word docs in Indesign? Perhaps you get content from clients/colleagues in word format and you need to lay it out with tools that are up to the job, well watch and learn.

TIP: If you have a client/colleague who is working on the word doc, get them to save it to a network/cloud drive (e.g. dropbox) and link the same file within inDesign, that way your client can update the word doc and all you need to do is open the InDesign doc (or update the link) and the changes will happen auto-magically!