The Little OE

20120525-214719.jpgWell the day has arrived, I’m currently two hours north west of NZ traveling at 888km/hr towards Hong Kong. I’m on my way to a conference in Germany to deliver a paper titled “Hollywood landscapes: an exploration of Hollywood styled visual effects techniques for landscape visualisations”. My brother Simon is traveling with me as far as Holland, and we have a 2 day stopover in hong kong which should be a lot of fun. The conference is in a town called Bernburg and after that I’m planing to go to Munich then Berlin where I’ll be joined by a Cousin (from Holland) and perhaps a couple others (still in the planing stages). Then it’s back to the Netherlands for a few days to hang out with my Mum and old friends. On the way back I’ll be stopping in Aus where I’ll be joined by my wife and child for a 10 day mission to visit my cousin Pip, and meet my brand new nephew Noah Geggie in Lennox (couple hours drive from Brisbane). Expect to see many photos and hopefully some interesting stories over the next few weeks.

2 hours later: Just watched the muppet movie and I’m drinking wine to numb the boredom. Tried annoying Simon but that only brings limited entertainment. Holly poos, just found out there’s another 6hours and 45 mins to go.

An hour and a half from Hong Kong now. Got bored of the wine and instead have been watching doco’s. Why can I never sleep on a plane? Simon has fallen asleep while watching a Steven fry doco on swearing, I wonder what effect it will have on him. The little tv tells me I’m over Manila right now. It’s dark, and all I can see are chains of lights floating in a sea of black. Okay something a little more interesting, there’s a big storm on the horizon, the lighting looks incredible. There’s a strike every second or so. The clouds light up like daylight.

9:10 pm Hong Kong time, Landed.

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