101 flags that are better.

So New Zealand has decided on an alternative flag, but its a shocker. How did we end up here? Well it all started off pretty good, a panel of 12 New Zealanders from “all walks of life, age and experience” where put together by various politicians and tasked with managing the flag referendum process. Early on they approached the Designers Institute of New Zealand and they produced this video which outlined what makes a good flag. New Zealanders where then invited to submit there designs and after a rather bumpy ride we ended up deciding that what we needed was a fern and a bit of black instead of the union jack. Seriously??? Well I just spent the afternoon going through ALL 10,286 flags to see if I could come up with my own long list. It was rather intense but I narrowed it down to 101 flags that I think are a better. Check it all out on Pinterest

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