Another Winner

Well it’s been a good month. I received a facility staff award for innovation in teaching and learning (mostly for my use of video and screencasts) and also Won a 3D rendering comp over at Cornucopia3d with an image that took me 20 minutes. Admittedly I used an ice texture I had been playing around with a couple months ago (which I tweaked for this) but I really wasn’t expecting to win it. What happen was that I noticed it was the day the comp was closing and I had less than 30 mins before I had to teach a class, so one quick render and pow.

In other news I finished a Viz job for Skyline Garages to be used on a new website, I’ll upload images soon as their site goes live and we’re working on a very ambitious short film script. This is something thats been in conceptual status for a very long time, and so far it’s pretty damn awesome. All I can say at this stage is that it’s scary and involves a Taniwha, stay tuned. Soon as we’ve finished story boarding it I’ll be setting up a website and we’ll start looking for contributors. Laterz….

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  1. Brilliant work Zane, despite the time pressure.

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