Ode to the Builders

I travelled to Greece once by accident about 10 years ago, the thing that really struck me was the old construction yards. Full of partially built structures, used rock, debris, etc. All just sitting out in the open, in the elements. I think those that spent their time in these places, that built these great Greek structures, whom spent there lives constructing either by there own will or by force are often forgotten by history. This also served as an excuse to try modelling with displaced surfaces using fractals and booleans objects (the half built columns). Theres a little photoshop work to the colours other than that its all Vue. I’m still tempted to add more detail to the background, I was having a small issue with a pre-release version of Vue 9 which is fixed in the official release now, hmmmm. or mayabe on to the next one.

[UPDATE: Selected as e-on softwares picture of the day, Dec 11, 2010. My birthday!!!]

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