Phantom 4 – Day 1

I recently got a DJI Phantom 4 and this is some of the footage I shot on my first day with it. Now, I am an experienced film maker however this was the first time shooting footage on a drone. I have had a play with some of the early drones a few years ago and I’ve kept up to speed with the technology over the years. I’m absolutely blown away by the tech packed into this small package, incredible!

Music: Who Knows – Zane Egginton.
Imagery: Zane Egginton.
nb. The final graded shot was at sunset and it wasn’t as dark as it seems in the footage (i.e. technically it was not shot at night).


  1. Zane, that’s really cool. Is it yours or the Uni’s?

    • It belongs to the Uni, however I’m the only one (so far) that is allowed to operate it, mostly due to health and safety reasons. We want to get a bigger one to lift heaver gear (cameras and pos. Lidar scanners) and this is the first steps towards that however I wasn’t expecting this tiny little unit being so friggin awesome. Really stable and easy to control.

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