Update and Tech Rant

Hello blogosphere, its been a while. I’ve got some time to myself so I figured i’d dust the cobwebs off this old blog. In fact I’m going to have a crack at posting here on a regular basis [shock horror] even tho blogs have pretty much drowned in a sea of social media platforms.

By day I lead a technical team at the University of Auckland in the Faculty of Creative Arts & Industries to provide technical staffing, resourcing and instruction across a number of subject areas including (but not limited to);  all areas of audio and video production, AR/VR/MR, digital fabrication, GIS, 3D scanning, photogrammetry, photography, lighting, UAV’s, design, mocap, 3D modeling/rendering,  + a lot of software and much more. So its safe to say I have a good grasp of technology.

Technology or as the media like to call it ‘Tech’ is the new buzz word on the street, but what is it? If you look for tech jobs you’ll pretty much come to the conclusion that its software engineering, managing software engineers, has a front end and a back end, likes Java, and you’ll need to have a Agile member for some reason. But theres a lot more to it than just building tech, theres using tech too, and thats where a lot of innovation is occurring. We’ve reached a point where engaging in tech doesn’t require you to know how to programme in C++, in fact most digital tools these days are very mature, easy to access, cheap, and reliable. But how do we use these tools in every day life and what can tech do for me?

Technology is useless if we don’t know what it is and how to use it. I’ve set myself a task; to document the Tech I deal with on a deadly basis and document it as best I can right here on this old rusty blog. Stay tuned.

Curing Resign 3D Print

Curing Resin 3D Print (SLA)


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